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Graduated Driver Licensing

Graduated Driver Licensing Laws now exist in all 50 states so parents participate more in the entire teen driving and licensing process. GDL laws and parental involvement will help your teen become a safe and skilled driver. Studies show that GDL has reduced crashes between 10% and 30%! The larger reductions are in states that have the strongest components as ranked by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The most effective GDL programs incorporate all or most of the following guidelines:
  • Age requirement
  • 3 month waiting period before the Intermediate stage
  • Minimum of 30 hours of supervised driving
  • Restriction on nighttime driving
  • Limit on number of passengers

National Average of Teen Driver - Motor Vehicle Fatalities

Parents overwhelmingly support GDL laws because they understand that a tiered approach to granting driving privileges helps keep their teens safe. Motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death in teens—over 35% of all fatalities! Mile for mile teen drivers are involved in three times as many fatal crashes as all other drivers. Young drivers involved in fatal accidents are more likely to be unbelted or impaired. Make sure that your teen follows seatbelt and cellphone laws and never drinks and drives or rides with someone who does. Download the GDL Parent-Teen Contract for helpful guidelines.

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World class online training What’s on Your Teen Driver's Mind?
New studies on how the brain develops provide insight into why teens often take risks and make questionable decisions while behind the wheel. The area of the brain responsible for impulse control, good judgment, planning and organization is the last to mature—easy to visualize on the chart below as the area shaded in blue. Brain development in young adults can last well into the twenties.

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